venerdì 14 marzo 2008

VOMITORY #12 - Squilli di lusso

I just want to say: lately I smile all day

Lately I'm never down
lately I never frown.
At home or in the car
don't matter where you are

Don't wanna be alone
you just pick up the phone
Hello, fantasy hotline?
What's your credit card number?
"Your phone number?" "7 51-61 77"
What's your fantasy?
I just wanna speak to a very hot one
"We'll call you back"

Sex over the phone - You know I like it
Sex over the phone - You know I need it
Sex over the phone - Come on and give it to me baby
Sex over the phone

(Village People, 1985)

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THE CHROMATICS - The telephone call (2007) - INTRO

- Telephone call from Istanbul (1987)

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DORY PREVIN - Obscene phone call (1974)

FANTOZZI - Accento svedese (1980)

TIRZAN - Interferenze da Bisceglie (1982)

X - Your phone's off the hook, but you're not (1980)

LOU REED - New York telephone conversation (1972)

THE HEARTBREAKERS - Get off the phone (1977)

NOTWIST - Pick up the phone (2002)

GOO GOO DOLLS - Disconnected (1995)

BEACH BOYS - Have to phone ya (1976)

LOVE - The red telephone (1967)

ALLEN GINSBERG - I'm a victim of telephones (1968?)

DOMENICO MODUGNO - Piange il telefono (1974)

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